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I am so grateful for your writing, Ben. These days I have not found as much time for reading but I'm so glad I read this one. You have an amazing heart that is revealed in your essays. Your strong gift with words brings tears of both heartbreak and love.

I am hopeful to get a visit to DR this summer and will be so happy to see what the Critters are working on, hopefully put in some helping hands, and get hugs that will sustain me until our next time together. Until then, I will check back for more insights as I make time for reading. And I'll send a little something along to hopefully help bring your book to life. Funny to find your Ko-fi fundraiser just after thinking, "Man, Ben needs to put out a book so more people can find his beauty and perspective that is so enriching and fulfilling."

Keep on loving and living in connection with Earth, Brother. You're helping us find our way. One essay, one calf, one duckling at a time, you help us find our own hearts... and share love in our own places.

See you soon.

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